oh and another thing:

"So what do you usually do for work?"

"I’m an art model"

"you mean NUDE modeling hahahaha like a stripper saying ‘I’m an exotic dancer’ hahaha"

yeah then turn around and say nude is art. It’s a battle that will not be won. As if because I’m comfortable nude and aspire to make impacting and artistic images with like minded people, that it’s okay to be condescending. There’s such a never ending double negative on nudity. Where has respect gone?  

"A temporal paradox of sorts, the photograph is always a trace of the past which lingers on into the present. The decay it faces is less clearly physical (particularly in the age of digital media) but rather is interpretive. When viewing certain photographs I am often overwhelmed by the sense that I am looking at an impossibly incomplete fragment of something, a remains or leaving which can never be completed or restored, and the understanding of which will only erode further as time passes, and more knowledge of the thing depicted is lost."

from Ruin Nation:The Ruin in Art and Photography, by Disphotic/ Lewis Bush.

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Duck rolls and stories of Taipei.

Duck rolls and stories of Taipei.

Sonic Youth – Unmade Bed (125 plays)

Sonic Youth - Unmade Bed

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"As I remember it, this was the first time I used the phone to take a close up of an unremarkable stranger doing nothing. My heart pounded like crazy."

Daniel Arnold

The Vines - “Highly Evolved (live on Channel V, Sydney, 2002)”

More work from Collectors Edition

A few selections from the new series Collectors Edition are now up on my website.  Check it out!

A few selections from the new series Collectors Edition are now up on my website.  Check it out!

For the last month I’ve been shooting for a new series titled Collectors Edition.  A sampling of them will be going online next week, but in the meantime here’s a small preview.

"Spend $4000 on the latest full-frame body. Spend $5000 on flawless glass. Spend $500 buying VSCO film packs to make your $9000 investment look like a two dollar Nikkormat you bought at the swap meet."